jacquio (liveinjapan) wrote,

cat power tix came in the post today- woohoo! i reckon northcote social club will be an awesome venue for her.

more sobering however; anti VSU rally last week. was a good-ish turnout, but surprising how many students simply did not bother to show up. i wonder if they've even considered what repercussion the legislation will have on students, on all that is good about student life, and, if that's not enough for them, the impact it will have on them personally. it makes me so angry that the (predominantly) white, upper middle class, male liberals think that the buck stops with them, and the dollars they save (or, rather, their wealthy parents save). it looks like our universities are truly set to become a breeding ground for politicians in training- go to uni, sit in lectures, don't interact or learn from anyone else, keep your own priorities clear infront of you the whole way, go home. rinse & repeat endlessly till we have the ultimate apathetic society.

so disappointing, for the first time since i was in first year, there's a bunch of really cool, diverse and motivated people at the helm of the queer dept also. i stopped having any sort of involvement with the dept in 2nd year because i was disenchanted by the apathy, for the first time since then it's looking good, and, come 1 july it'll all be wrenched away.

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