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in other news, i found out on my return that my family (mum, dad, dogs, cat possibly youngest sister), are moving to holland at the end of the year. don't know quite how i feel about this.

have only just (i.e: in the last year or so) started to have a good relationship with both my parents, and enjoyed having them around. it just seems a pity... i'll only be seeing them once a year now, i guess.

on the positive side, this could be just the impetus i need to take 6-12 months off uni and do my euro-trek. it will be kind of nice having a 'base' in holland where i can dump all my stuff, and be able to visit annie in london, and use my swiss passport for the first time, visit my old friends in versailles and go to some places i've never been to- greece, turkey, maybe even wing across the sea to visit julia in vancouver?

i don't know whether the new possibilities it presents are worth not having various people around for. no.. i don't think they are.

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