jacquio (liveinjapan) wrote,

get down girl...

i totally need a hobby. crocheting or stamp collecting or horse riding or somethin' to stop me filling my now uni-less hours with boozing. after chucking hardcore sunday morning after a hugely trashy night, i am *seriously contemplating* (read: not really at all) becoming a tea-totaller/straight edger. i don't know if i could do all the xx's on my knuckles.

in other news... brig got an iTunes card and i've FINALLY downloaded GOLDIGGER- KAYNE WEST... so if no hobby is developed i run a serious risk of spending my summer booty dancin' in my lounge room to this song and pharrell's new one w/ gwen. i fuckin love kayne. what's with this proliferation of uber-hottt rappers... it be a big improvement on fitty cent yo!

have resolved to finally write my zine.. so gotta get onto that. am thinking about getting some people to write stuff.. then i'm going to put it all together and maybe chuck a party and give it out. so so self-indulgent, but as i said i need this to keep me from my own bad habits.

booty dancin all round at qna on thurs for their 10th b'day.. cocktails at polly on friday.. house warming party in preston on saturday with all the gals.. sunday crapeoke at glassy and who knows what into the next week. we're having at party at our place next wednesday for birthdays and stuff, so if y'all be in my hood drop on by fukkers. xxx

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