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good time, drunk time @ pony. [28 Jun 2006|05:38pm]
ciao kiddos. i'm headed to amsterdam this sunday, for some warm weather and legal dope.

good times had by all at pony on the w/end...

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i've never been any good at home interventions... [14 Mar 2006|04:24pm]
....but i've made a lot of love on the floor of my kitchen.

our first show on thursday was rad. [see below for visual evidence to that effect]. bring on many more.

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sleater kinney... [14 Mar 2006|04:12pm]

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[03 Jan 2006|02:27pm]
hey guys... friends only from now on.
comment to be added. xx
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[12 Dec 2005|10:30am]
its sad times when a vote to secure the passage of legislation designed to inhibit the ability of students to organise politically (as well as access essential services) is bought with a promise to prohibit the sale of the abortion pill. and i feel like 2005 has brought a package of legislation designed to ensure the rolling back of civil liberties.

the racially motivated violence in cronulla makes me feel physically ill. whilst i know that the mainstream media skews its reporting with the specific intent to make its audience emote, after carrying a weight around in the pit of my stomach for days prior to van's execution, i can't believe a mere week later australia's racism is again on show. sad times.

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[30 Nov 2005|09:09am]
so why am i awake after i stayed up till 2am watching the suicide girls' 'the first tour dvd' and getting extremely toey? we meant to only watch half an hour... but ended up watching the whole thing. i had an attack of the guilts because i remembered rochelle saying the suicide girls had been bought out by hefner, and realising i just spent the last 2 and a half hours getting turned on by size 6 white girls with a few tatts and piercings. oh god.
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get down girl... [23 Nov 2005|09:22am]
i totally need a hobby. crocheting or stamp collecting or horse riding or somethin' to stop me filling my now uni-less hours with boozing. after chucking hardcore sunday morning after a hugely trashy night, i am *seriously contemplating* (read: not really at all) becoming a tea-totaller/straight edger. i don't know if i could do all the xx's on my knuckles.

in other news... brig got an iTunes card and i've FINALLY downloaded GOLDIGGER- KAYNE WEST... so if no hobby is developed i run a serious risk of spending my summer booty dancin' in my lounge room to this song and pharrell's new one w/ gwen. i fuckin love kayne. what's with this proliferation of uber-hottt rappers... it be a big improvement on fitty cent yo!

have resolved to finally write my zine.. so gotta get onto that. am thinking about getting some people to write stuff.. then i'm going to put it all together and maybe chuck a party and give it out. so so self-indulgent, but as i said i need this to keep me from my own bad habits.

booty dancin all round at qna on thurs for their 10th b'day.. cocktails at polly on friday.. house warming party in preston on saturday with all the gals.. sunday crapeoke at glassy and who knows what into the next week. we're having at party at our place next wednesday for birthdays and stuff, so if y'all be in my hood drop on by fukkers. xxx

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[28 Oct 2005|09:13am]
woo! free drinks then queer spa party tonight. am interested to find out whether i am more exhibitionist or voyeur and i expect it's the former. maybe some naughty fun w/ the lady ??? if she is not too preoccupied with all the queer boys who want her ass.

THEN.. work saturday, working sunday also, work monday, cup day, wednesday, friday and the following saturday. in my free moments, i'll be studying my ass off for shitty constitutional law and property exams which are in about 10 days, and writing my final essay for 'blake' as well as trying to finished a book i'm reading. the only positive is ARCH ENEMY gig next friday night, which will be a suitably awesome diversion from the world of academia my bad self is currently immersed in.

anyone want to come and see wolf creek with me?

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[16 Sep 2005|09:12am]
went to the nova again last night for charlie and the chocolate factory. now, i love love love love tim burton, particularly edwards scissorhands and sleepy hollow, but his charlie just didn't do it for me. charlie bucket was poorly cast, i thought, he was a little to... ingratiating, too much of a martyr. he needed to be more harry potter and less oliver twist, if that makes any sense? i found him annoying through the whole film. and i thought johnny depp could do no wrong, but his willy wonka was like a gross parody of michael jackson in his neverland phase, and lacked the creepy darkness of gene wilder's portrayal. depp's willy wonka didn't despise children, as wilder's did, rather approached children with the air of a sufferer of obsessive compulsive disorder- he feared them, found them dirty. the cgi and effects were great, but it lacked the darkness of the original. it surprised me that tim burton would go for a more sanitised, family friendly version when he is known for the darkenss of his films. i did like the squirrels though.

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[08 Sep 2005|05:49pm]
yesterday i turned 21.
i feel funny about it, not sure if i feel old (which my brain is telling me i most surely am... cannot even pretend to be an 'old teenager') or young, as all my (predominantly older) friends are telling me i'm still just a baby. i went to a funeral the day before my birthday of someone who was only 23 when they died. it was tragic.
i'm listening to interpol 'public pervert' and thinking about last night.
i went to dinner a 'paris go' bistro on rathdowne st, and ate roast quail with coriander and oregano, and 'l'agneau au vin' which was beautiful and drank champagne (which could call itself that because it came from the champagne region). had the cutest little frenchman waiting on us, who brought out every course saying "it's ready girls!!".
then walked down the road to the nova to see "a dirty shame" which is john waters' new film, and really is more trashy and filthy than anything he's done since the 70s. man, it had moments rivalling the divine dog shit munch from 'pink flamingos'. is worth seeing if only for selma blair with breasts larger than watermelons, the hilarious johnny knoxville and tracey ulman picking up a bottle with her vagina in a retirement home. whilst some would say it was a tongue in cheek, bold commentary on the institution of marriage and heteronormativity in society, i would say it is john waters' back at his trashy best. absolutely ridiculous, and absolutely entertaining.
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[11 Aug 2005|08:36am]
has anybody read the article "a guide for the modern man" by ben morgan in this month's farrago?

choice excerpts:

"again, you've got to respect the girl's wishes, so if she's not into it, you'll have to let her go. of course, it's tough to tell the difference between this and the little game of hard-to-get... learn to read the signals and don't be afraid to push her around a little physically- it'll be a real turn on for her."

"once you've done the deed, it's all good, call her if you like, leave it out if you're really not into her so much- it's normal to be less attracted to a girl after you've fucked her for the first time. what you've got to watch out for at this stage is that, since women can start to get a little confused, she might start to fell guilty about having such a casual fling, and try to convince herself she was raped"

and finally: "the world might not feel safe for men anymore, but it's important to remember that there are reasonable, clever guys out there who know the score, and who've got your back."

that the above 'rape script' is interrupted by italicised quasi-legal discussion of the state of rape law (and how it places the burden of proof on the victim, thus making it easy in cases of rape not explicitly involving violence to construe the factual scenario as a regretful woman pointing the finger) is irrelevant. that article made me feel sick. that i am sure the rape script was used in a postmodern ironic/paradoic fashion is irrelevant. publishing a manifesto for 'how to get away with rape' in a university paper is unacceptable, despite the critical 'afterthought'. i doubt given the current political climate mr. morgan would write a similar manifesto on 'how to get away with anarchy/causing terror', even as a means of critiquing the current state of australia law with its power to infringe people's civil rights. leave women's bodies alone; campus is meant to be a SAFE place, and yet publishing this sort of article just serves to remind me that misogyny is as rife here as anywhere.

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[02 Aug 2005|01:37pm]
this sun is delish. i want to drag my laptop out onto the nature strip in canning st and do my uni stuff there.

surly mermaids have a gig next week, as part of the melbourne uni battle of the bands thingy. i play bass, which i really don't play all that well, i've found out i'm a much better guitarist than anything else. but i do have one cool bass part which goes for one bar that i made up my very own self. we have 4 (FOUR) songs- count em!- one interpol inspired song, one crazy cabaret song, one t-rex inspired song and one random song which i haven't really learnt yet. despite years of finger exercises, they don't stretch very well around the bass. it's cool playing in bands with boys.

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[28 Jul 2005|08:37am]
interpol interpol interpol interpol interpol interpol interpol interpol... was amazing. as someone said to me, carlos d's bass lines were as angular as his hair cut. new crushes all round. i'll <3 daniel any day for his jig while playing his epiphone. and the british member's brit-cum-NYC accents were awesome.
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[23 Jul 2005|05:33pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

missy's newie totally rocks my block yo.
some people at uni are giving me the shits and semester hasn't even started yet. get your head out of your own ass elitist shitheads. since when did you need to co-opt EVERYTHING; since you developed the need to have you finger in every (political) pie. must put my head down, pull MY finger out and ignore ignore ignore.

all the kidz at work went to see nelly last night, and today work was like the ghetto, man, all the urban hip hop gave me the headache of the week. that and the fact i drank a whole bottle of red last night. have developed an unholy obsession with the curve of people's necks. and good décolletage - give it to me.

am tempted to go to bed round about now, at a quarter to six, only so i can have lurid dreams about the men from interpol again.

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[19 Jul 2005|09:45am]
[ mood | melancholy ]

in other news, i found out on my return that my family (mum, dad, dogs, cat possibly youngest sister), are moving to holland at the end of the year. don't know quite how i feel about this.

have only just (i.e: in the last year or so) started to have a good relationship with both my parents, and enjoyed having them around. it just seems a pity... i'll only be seeing them once a year now, i guess.

on the positive side, this could be just the impetus i need to take 6-12 months off uni and do my euro-trek. it will be kind of nice having a 'base' in holland where i can dump all my stuff, and be able to visit annie in london, and use my swiss passport for the first time, visit my old friends in versailles and go to some places i've never been to- greece, turkey, maybe even wing across the sea to visit julia in vancouver?

i don't know whether the new possibilities it presents are worth not having various people around for. no.. i don't think they are.

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[18 Jul 2005|01:05pm]
thailand was awesome. did a lot of walking and climbing steps and a lot of eating, and swimming, and even more reading.
finally read 'the da vinci code', and 'angels and demons', and i believe the latter is far far better than the more popular of the two. why, for the screen version of DVC, tom hanks has been cast in the lead perplexes me, although that audrey tatou is playing sofie makes me wants to see it. i <3 audrey.

i also read maria raha's 'cinderalla's big score; women of the punk & indie undergroun which was a great read, and i have juith butler's newie 'undoing gender' which i have been putting of starting.

i think i want to move house very soon, and am very tempted to move to northcote. much as i love fitzroy/carlton, 3.5 years of paying ridiculous rental amounts to the scurrilous landlords of the area is wearing thin, particularly when my bedroom door has been hanging on one hinge for the past 4 months. grr.

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[18 May 2005|05:33pm]
cat power at northcote social club was rad. grabbed a few beers at the arthouse beforehand with stacey, then onto the NSC for the first time. it's an ace venue, more 'mature' crowd i guess, and i've always like hanging out in nortcote. chan marshall... what can i say. kept her fans waiting for maybe 40 mintues after her start time, but all was forgiven the moment she opened her mouth. words won't do, really, it's not even necessary to note what songs she did or did not play, which should act as a testament to the type of artist she is. minimal, ethereal, controlled, and so so vulnerable up there onstage, with only the most scant jazz drum patterns. beautiful.
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[11 May 2005|02:37pm]
was paid today, and was like the money was (metaphorically) burning a hole in my pocket. am meant to be saving for o/seas, but made the horrific mistake of venturing into the new jb hifi store...

* bubblegum - mark lanegan
* wolfmother ep
* little birdy's debut
* scissor sisters
* gimme fiction - spoon

are now in my possession. i also bought the mean girls DVD for bridget, quite possibly the best movie ever, and perhaps this will mean i can take down the lindsay lohan poster above our bed- JOKING. it's really in my study.

in other news- my men INTERPOL are doing 2 - count em!- TWO shows at the metro. i may very well have to go to both.

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[05 May 2005|08:54am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

quiet night last night... watched i <3 huckabees, which got me thinking back to first year philosophy 101; and kicking myself i didn't do a philosophy major instead of my stupid english literature major. all that talk of existentialism & nihilsm was grand if you HAD done philosophy 101, (and even then a lot of it went over my head), but i don't think the film woudl really have wide appeal. was only average, despite it's stellar cast and the mud-philospher-sex.

am thinking about going out to q+a and all that tonight. grr. i need some drinks and conversation with bianca, cause we haven't said more than a passing 'hey!' in weeks, but i think i've grown out of q+a. it's not like when i'd just moved out of home (at 2 months past my 17th birthday), and megan, philip, lach, kris & i OWNED it, being obnoxious and drunk, and having panic attacks, and trying to kill each other (almost literally sometimes), and fucking and different men, women, kidz anything... crazy crazy times.

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[03 May 2005|09:14am]
cat power tix came in the post today- woohoo! i reckon northcote social club will be an awesome venue for her.

more sobering however; anti VSU rally last week. was a good-ish turnout, but surprising how many students simply did not bother to show up. i wonder if they've even considered what repercussion the legislation will have on students, on all that is good about student life, and, if that's not enough for them, the impact it will have on them personally. it makes me so angry that the (predominantly) white, upper middle class, male liberals think that the buck stops with them, and the dollars they save (or, rather, their wealthy parents save). it looks like our universities are truly set to become a breeding ground for politicians in training- go to uni, sit in lectures, don't interact or learn from anyone else, keep your own priorities clear infront of you the whole way, go home. rinse & repeat endlessly till we have the ultimate apathetic society.

so disappointing, for the first time since i was in first year, there's a bunch of really cool, diverse and motivated people at the helm of the queer dept also. i stopped having any sort of involvement with the dept in 2nd year because i was disenchanted by the apathy, for the first time since then it's looking good, and, come 1 july it'll all be wrenched away.

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