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missy's newie totally rocks my block yo.
some people at uni are giving me the shits and semester hasn't even started yet. get your head out of your own ass elitist shitheads. since when did you need to co-opt EVERYTHING; since you developed the need to have you finger in every (political) pie. must put my head down, pull MY finger out and ignore ignore ignore.

all the kidz at work went to see nelly last night, and today work was like the ghetto, man, all the urban hip hop gave me the headache of the week. that and the fact i drank a whole bottle of red last night. have developed an unholy obsession with the curve of people's necks. and good décolletage - give it to me.

am tempted to go to bed round about now, at a quarter to six, only so i can have lurid dreams about the men from interpol again.

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