jacquio (liveinjapan) wrote,

has anybody read the article "a guide for the modern man" by ben morgan in this month's farrago?

choice excerpts:

"again, you've got to respect the girl's wishes, so if she's not into it, you'll have to let her go. of course, it's tough to tell the difference between this and the little game of hard-to-get... learn to read the signals and don't be afraid to push her around a little physically- it'll be a real turn on for her."

"once you've done the deed, it's all good, call her if you like, leave it out if you're really not into her so much- it's normal to be less attracted to a girl after you've fucked her for the first time. what you've got to watch out for at this stage is that, since women can start to get a little confused, she might start to fell guilty about having such a casual fling, and try to convince herself she was raped"

and finally: "the world might not feel safe for men anymore, but it's important to remember that there are reasonable, clever guys out there who know the score, and who've got your back."

that the above 'rape script' is interrupted by italicised quasi-legal discussion of the state of rape law (and how it places the burden of proof on the victim, thus making it easy in cases of rape not explicitly involving violence to construe the factual scenario as a regretful woman pointing the finger) is irrelevant. that article made me feel sick. that i am sure the rape script was used in a postmodern ironic/paradoic fashion is irrelevant. publishing a manifesto for 'how to get away with rape' in a university paper is unacceptable, despite the critical 'afterthought'. i doubt given the current political climate mr. morgan would write a similar manifesto on 'how to get away with anarchy/causing terror', even as a means of critiquing the current state of australia law with its power to infringe people's civil rights. leave women's bodies alone; campus is meant to be a SAFE place, and yet publishing this sort of article just serves to remind me that misogyny is as rife here as anywhere.

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