jacquio (liveinjapan) wrote,

yesterday i turned 21.
i feel funny about it, not sure if i feel old (which my brain is telling me i most surely am... cannot even pretend to be an 'old teenager') or young, as all my (predominantly older) friends are telling me i'm still just a baby. i went to a funeral the day before my birthday of someone who was only 23 when they died. it was tragic.
i'm listening to interpol 'public pervert' and thinking about last night.
i went to dinner a 'paris go' bistro on rathdowne st, and ate roast quail with coriander and oregano, and 'l'agneau au vin' which was beautiful and drank champagne (which could call itself that because it came from the champagne region). had the cutest little frenchman waiting on us, who brought out every course saying "it's ready girls!!".
then walked down the road to the nova to see "a dirty shame" which is john waters' new film, and really is more trashy and filthy than anything he's done since the 70s. man, it had moments rivalling the divine dog shit munch from 'pink flamingos'. is worth seeing if only for selma blair with breasts larger than watermelons, the hilarious johnny knoxville and tracey ulman picking up a bottle with her vagina in a retirement home. whilst some would say it was a tongue in cheek, bold commentary on the institution of marriage and heteronormativity in society, i would say it is john waters' back at his trashy best. absolutely ridiculous, and absolutely entertaining.
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