jacquio (liveinjapan) wrote,

went to the nova again last night for charlie and the chocolate factory. now, i love love love love tim burton, particularly edwards scissorhands and sleepy hollow, but his charlie just didn't do it for me. charlie bucket was poorly cast, i thought, he was a little to... ingratiating, too much of a martyr. he needed to be more harry potter and less oliver twist, if that makes any sense? i found him annoying through the whole film. and i thought johnny depp could do no wrong, but his willy wonka was like a gross parody of michael jackson in his neverland phase, and lacked the creepy darkness of gene wilder's portrayal. depp's willy wonka didn't despise children, as wilder's did, rather approached children with the air of a sufferer of obsessive compulsive disorder- he feared them, found them dirty. the cgi and effects were great, but it lacked the darkness of the original. it surprised me that tim burton would go for a more sanitised, family friendly version when he is known for the darkenss of his films. i did like the squirrels though.

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